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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the creation of the documents that will facilitate the management of your estate and health care while you are alive and the distribution of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries after you pass away. Estate plans are needed by anyone with dependents or assets such as property, investment portfolios, or other financial assets.

San Marcos Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is the process of distributing the assets and belongings of your recently passed loved one. This process is governed by probate, trust, & tax laws which are complex and require thorough understanding. Being a trustee is a substantial responsibility, with many duties and obligations imposed by law. Mistakes can be costly and may result in years of dealing with courts, the IRS, and disgruntled beneficiaries.



Probate is a court-supervised, form-driven process, by which the debts of a decedent are settled and their assets distributed to the heirs.

Probate is required when the value of the decedent's assets titled in their individual name exceeds $150,000; whether or not there is a will.